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Every company has cyber risk and with attacks on the rise, addressing and mitigating that risk is top of mind among companies across the globe. Amid the increased exposure, companies need assistance in handling security breaches and preventing future cybersecurity threats.

Regulators around the world have also implemented changes to address these heightened risks. For example here in Australia, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) issued Report 429 Cyber resilience: Health check in March 2015 which aims to highlight the importance of cyber resilience for entities regulated by ASIC.

Our cybersecurity capabilities include assisting clients to prevent and deter attacks, pursue perpetrators, respond to problems, and help mitigate risk and loss through insurance. We have a unique blend of skills that spans various practice areas including internet and technology law, legal and regulatory, government regulations, and insurance coverage, as well as established relationships with registrars, internet service providers (ISPs), service providers, and law enforcement to help clients deals with cybersecurity issues. To learn more, please visit:

Our Global Cybersecurity Practice

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About this blog

As Australia begins to manage cybersecurity risk, K&L Gates would like to provide insight on how cyber risk is being mitigated and managed both in Australia and across the globe.

This blog provides Australian businesses with access to information and insights on cybersecurity and related issues to help them understand how they should be addressing their own cybersecurity risk.

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