Cyber Insurance is Only a (Small) Part of the Solution

By Jim Bulling

Insurers in the U.S. and Europe are forecasting that the market for cyber insurance will grow exponentially in the next five years as more companies look to beef up protection against malicious cyber attacks.

While the insurers see a significant new market emerging, there are signs that they are wary of the risks and this is impacting on premiums and the limitations being placed on cover. There are a number of insurers offering cyber cover in the Australian market and companies looking for additional protection would be well served by closely examining the terms of the proposed cover to ensure it extends to the more significant cyber risks and does so in a way that complements rather than overlaps the existing insurance program which an organisation has in place (eg Public Indemnity , Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Property).

It is also worth noting that insurance should only be seen as one component of an organisation’s risk management processes around cybersecurity. A leading insurance broker has suggested that investment in technology is the most important factor in reducing the risk profile while the contribution from insurance is much more modest and to be effective needs to be accompanied by investment in technology.

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