Taking its Toll: Toll Shuts Down IT Systems Citing Cyber-Security Incident

By Cameron Abbott, Max Evans and Florence Fermanis

We have our first large scale data breach of the decade. Toll, a transport and logistics network which delivers up to 95 million items globally every year, has temporarily shut down a number of its IT systems as a precautionary measure after suffering a cyber-security breach on Friday, according to an article by the SMH.

A spokesperson has indicated that Toll has cybersecurity experts working closely with their IT team on the breach, and is taking careful internal measures so that systems can be brought back up online in a “controlled and secured manner”. Additionally, Toll has initiated business continuity plans to minimise the disturbance brought on by the breach. While any official numbers of affected customers and the exact nature and extent of the breach have not yet been released by Toll, The Register has reported that the breach has reportedly affected customers in Australia, India and the Philippines.

In addition to the shutdown leaving some customers disgruntled, reportedly employees remain unable to find on their internal databases the location of packages, and receipts are having to be done manually rather than electronically.

The incident is demonstrative of the wide ranging impacts that a cyber-security breach can have on a business and the time it takes to work through the IT system impacts. Not only is there a considerable effect to the business’ reputation and logistics network but Toll must also, in responding to the data breach, remember to take all necessary steps to comply with the Privacy Act (including the notifiable data breach scheme thereunder). We will keep you updated on any further progress.

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