Is your IoT device putting you at risk?

By Cameron Abbott and Giles Whittaker

As the uptake of IoT (Internet of Things) devices increases, industry experts question whether adequate cybersecurity measures are in place. While we are not surprised with the results of a recent survey, it has been confirmed that IoT devices represent the next big cybersecurity threat.

A Tripwire study found 96% of surveyed IT pros expect to see an increase in security attacks on IoT. The study acknowledges the promise of these devices in facilitating tasks and bringing convenience, but also notes the risk they pose as they’re not always built with security in mind. The study found the industries facing the biggest threat include energy, utilities, government, healthcare and finance with devices connecting the Industrial Internet of Things viewed as susceptible to serious consequences. David Meltzer, COO at Tripwire, says there must be a change in the level of preparation for such attacks or the realization of these risks will be experienced.

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