You are not alone! Rasomware attacks increase

You are not alone! Rasomware attacks increase

By Cameron Abbott and Giles Whittaker

While no one likes to admit that they have been caught out or victimised by cyber-attacks such as ransomware, what appears to be true is that a lot of organisations are. The lesson is that it is quite likely to happen so design your IT systems to give you a recovery option. No good having your back up encrypted as well!

A survey (reg. req.) of IT security decision makers by CyberEdge found that a whopping 61% of respondents’ organizations were victimized by ransomware in 2016. Among those hit by ransomware, 33% paid the ransom to recover their data, 54% refused to pay but recovered their data anyway, and 13% refused to pay and lost their data. In general, the report found the percentage of organizations being hit by successful cyber-attacks continues to rise, from 62% in 2014 to 70% in 2015, 76% in 2016, and 79% in 2017. Three in five respondents believe a successful cyber-attack is likely in the coming year.


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