Aviation Sector Resolves to Protect Industry from Cyber Threats

By Cameron Abbott and Karla Hodgson

Cybersecurity is now well and truly a priority for the aviation sector, with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopting an action-oriented cybersecurity resolution at its 40th Triennial Assembly earlier this month.

The resolution recognises the need for a coordinated and coherent international framework and calls on the sector to adopt cybersecurity management systems to protect critical aviation systems from cyber threats, to develop a cybersecurity culture, and to promote the development and implementation of international standards and best practices in order to protect data and systems from interference.

In its submission to the ICAO, Airports Council International stressed that while the aviation industry has decades worth of safety and security experience under its belt, cyber threats are a new and volatile challenge that require a disciplined approach and a strong information security culture to address. It highlighted that “[c]ybersecurity threats have become real risks for the aviation sector and these risks are expected to increase in number and impact for the foreseeable future.”

The ICAO has instructed ICAO’s Secretary General to develop an action plan to support the sector to adopt ICAO’s Cybersecurity Strategy and ensure that cybersecurity is front of mind, so we can expect more from them about cybersecurity in future. We’ll keep you updated as the resolution develops into action – subscribe to receive our blog updates directly into your inbox.

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